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Jaseera CM
Jaseera C.M. interviews Sunil Kumar C.L. Sunil Kumar C.L. is the caretaker of the Jainamedu Jain temple. He is a Jain from Wayanad district of Kerala, and his mother tongue is  Kannada. He moved to Palakkad 15 years ago to work in the newspaper Mathrubhumi.  At that time, he was associated with the…
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Abey Thomas
Jainism and Buddhism have often been clubbed together as religious traditions with similar worldviews, especially in their rejection of Vedic rituals. In comparison to Vedic religion, heterodox religious traditions, among them Jainism and Buddhism, emerged from a more urban milieu in early North…
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Jaseera CM
Jainism, one of the oldest existing religions, must have evolved gradually, taking an organised form around the end of ninth century BCE, through the preaching of Parsvanatha, the 23rd tirthankara and Mahavira, the 24th thirthankara. It is believed that Jainism spread to South India when King…
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