Indira Gandhi

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Madhav Nayar
As students across India protest against the CAA and NRC, there is an increased interest in scholarship on student movements in the postcolonial context. We attempt to highlight milestones in student politics since Independence. (In pic: The iconic September 1977 photo of JNU student leader Sitaram…
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V.K. Cherian
Satyajit Ray was a legendary filmmaker who influenced directors and actors in India and across the world. During his lifetime, not only did he receive the admiration of his peers, but was also appreciated and supported by influential politicians. Not known to many, the Bengali filmmaker’s work and…
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Mayuri Pralhad Patankar
Song 2 – Indira Gandhi’s Assassination   The revival of the Kachargarh pilgrimage has been instrumental in bringing together different adivasi traditions annually. Rohidas Ghodham speaks Gondi, Marathi, Hindi, and Telugu and is a talented and respected folk singer who has been performing in the…
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The article about the inauguration of Tata Theatre in 1980 carries the inaugural address by Indira Gandhi, J.R.D. Tata and Jamshed J. Bhabha.
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Excerpts from the speecehs of J.R.D. Tata and Indira Gandhi on the occassion of the inauguration of NCPA's working programme in 1969.
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Anwar Abbas
My mother travelled all the way from Panipat to Bombay (now Mumbai) in the mid-1940s to receive proper medical attention in the care of a loving sister-in-law, Mujtabi Khatoon (Mujji). Here in Bombay in a small flat in a building called Samandar Tarang I was born as yet another K.A.A. because…
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H.S. Chandalia
  The stories of Khwaja Ahmad Abbas focus on the much talked about ‘common man’. He is a writer who consciously depicts the tales of those ordinary people who accomplished heroic deeds simply by virtue of their undaunted spirit and the sheer will to survive. Abbas belongs to the tradition of Dr…
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Sachin Ketkar
Namdeo Dhasal is arguably one of the most significant Indian poets of the late 20th century. His work not only captures what freedom, democracy and modernity meant for the average Indian in the decades after Independence—experiences, no doubt, fraught with contradictions—but it also displays…
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Subuhi Jiwani
An introduction to Dhasal's poetic development and political moves
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