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Huma Sadaf
The subject of Partition is not easy to portray—irrespective of which side of the Radcliffe Line the film-maker resides. Over the decades, a few Pakistani films have attempted to depict one of the bloodiest chapters of the subcontinent. We analyse three films that are widely regarded as iconic,…
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Arvind Kumar reviews three books written by Balraj Sahni. Meri Filmi Atmakatha is an autobiography of the actor, Cinema aur Stage is a collection of articles, and Kya Yeh Sach Hai Bapu? is a play about communal harmony.
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Rashmi Doraiswamy
Scriptwriter, director, writer, journalist K.A. Abbas’ contribution to Hindi cinema is unique in several ways. Firstly, he negotiated what I would like to call a ‘bipolar order’ (not to be confused with bipolar disorder, which is a medical term). By this I mean that he found a way of articulating…
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