Floor art

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Devakumar Thenchery
Kalamezhuthu Pattu is a mode of worship and a ritualistic art form unique to Kerala. Also known as kalam pattu or simply, pattu, it involves creating the form of favourite deities on the floor, singing songs in their praise, and finally, erasing the drawings through ritualistic dance steps.…
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Anni Kumari
  Abraham, Lisa & Chacko, Biju. 2017. Kolam as infographics. Online at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/314216401_KOLAM_AS_INFOGRAPHICS (Viewed on November 20, 2017)    Archana, S. 1981.The Language of Symbols: A Project on South Indian Ritual Decorations of a Semi-Permanent Nature.…
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Dr Ketaki Chowkhani
                                        My marriage was arranged because of kolam. I make good kolam. So everyone saw and aunty said that I saw your kolam and I want you be my daughter-in-law. ~ Swathi   Kolam, an ephemeral form of daily ritual art, practiced almost solely by Hindu women in Tamil…
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Anni Kumari
  Kōlam is a daily women’s ritualistic art form created by Tamil Hindu women throughout Tamil Nadu in southeastern India. Each day before dawn, during the Brahma muhurtam (believed to be the time when Brahma and all other deities descend to the earth) and sometimes before dusk, millions of women in…
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