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The film director K.G. George ushered in new thematic concerns, narrative and visual styles, as well as actors and technicians into the Malayalam film industry of the 1970s. The module looks at his distinctive oeuvre with its recurring elements, preoccupations and styles of rendition against the…
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Rasmi Binoy
Although declared by a female Prime Minister, the Emergency was arguably the crudest and most sadistic expression of masculinized power in the largest democracy of the world. Aimed at achieving a short-term end—of curtailing growing political opposition—the Emergency, however, had long-lasting…
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Shilpi Gulati
The radical impulse of documentary practice in India has been deeply informed by its legacy of speaking truth to power. Time and again, the documentary, responding to the changing socio-political climate of the country, has created critical fissures in the dominant discourse of the nation-state.…
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Vishwajyoti Ghosh
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