Elephant Regalia

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Dr P.S. Easa
For millennia, humans and elephants have shared the earth and lived together in harmony. In fact, elephants have attracted humans from time immemorial; at first with astonishment for their size, tusks and unusual trunks, and then admiration, devotion and fear. Elephants have come to be seen as…
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Prof. M. Madhavankutty
The elephant, one of nature’s most beautiful creations, has always held a unique status in India. The animal is associated with Ganesha who has the head of an elephant. This wild animal has, over millennia, been captured, tamed, loved, and used for various purposes. In certain temples, it is said…
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Shakshi Gupta
  Since ancient times, harnessed elephants have been employed by emperors and religious institutes for various purposes. They have always been an essential part of the lifestyle of Indian royalty, especially in Rajasthan. Therefore, they were groomed with great pomp and ceremony. But with the…
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Shakshi Gupta
This module explores the ancient tradition of decorating elephants with a focus on Rajasthan. Elephants have a special relationship with human beings and are considered as being both sacred and regal. Therefore, elephants were decorated for worship as well as for royal occasions. They have also…
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