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Lopamudra Talukdar
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Chaitanya Solanki
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Ritayan Mukherjee
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Pranjal Jain & D.P. Srivastava
A wetland is a unique ecosystem that forms a zone of transition between an aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem. It is considered to be the most productive amongst all the ecosystems (Ghermandi et al 2008). A wetland is mainly defined as an area that is saturated by surface or ground water for most…
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Dhiraj Halali
Spiders are one of the most diverse groups of invertebrates. These eight-legged creatures are found almost all over the world. However, despite their wide presence, spiders are commonly mistaken for insects. Spiders belong to a class  called  Arachnida (order: Araneae) which includes other groups …
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