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S Natesh
Long before environmentalism became a buzzword, 363 members of Rajasthan’s Bishnoi community, led by the fearless Amrita Devi, sacrificed their lives to save the Khejri tree. Sahapedia trains the spotlight on the significance of the Khejarli Massacre and how it inspired another environmental…
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Simran Agarwal
Natural history collections, housed in museums dotted across India are like mines of data. We look at five natural history museums that aim to educate mother earth’s future caretakers. (Photo courtesy: Pixabay) At a time when climate change is an ever-existing concern and an increasing number of…
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George Jerry Jacob
Khazans are part of a traditional agro-aqua integrated system practised by local communities for equitable sharing of resources between farmers and fishers. They are reclaimed lands recovered from marshes, with bunds preventing the ingress of tidal waters. They are generally used for pisciculture…
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George Jerry Jacob
This interview was conducted with Xavier Rodrigues, a resident of Raia, Goa in October 2018. He is part of the Biodiversity Committee of Raia village and has a thorough understanding of the khazan system.  Following is an edited transcript of the interview. George Jacob (GJ): Is there a history of…
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George Jerry Jacob
The Zuari is a tidal river originating in the Dighi ghat of the Sahyadris in Karnataka. The Mandovi and Zuari Rivers are joined by the Cumbarjua canal near their estuaries give rise to the largest estuarine complex of Goa which is the lifeline of its economy. The rivers and the surrounding…
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