Early Modern India

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Kesavan Veluthat
Professor Muttayil Govindamenon Sankara Narayanan (b. 1932), better known as M.G.S., has been a major cultural presence in Kerala for more than six decades. Educated in the University of Madras from where he earned a master’s degree in History with a first in first, M.G.S. taught in the Zamorin’s…
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Deepashree Dutta
‘Playful are these boats of the pirates/harmads, they marched, keeping time as it were, with the motion of the waves! Like the vultures that hovered the sea, they marched flapping their wings of sail.’[1] The above lines are from the ballad of Nuranneha and the Grave, believed to have been composed…
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Deepashree Dutta
The Portuguese arrived in India in 1498. From the early sixteenth century they began to gradually trickle into Bengal. However, in contrast to the western coast, Portuguese presence in the coast of Bengal was primarily characterised by private initiatives, giving the settlement a unique nature. The…
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