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H.S. Shivaprakash
  In this thought-provoking essay Prof. H.S. Shivaprakash posits the possible limits of rasa aesthetics by brilliantly analysing its realms of influence and mode of transforming meaning, particularly in theatre. The scholar-teacher-translator writes, ‘…the way rasa gets transformed through…
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Aprameya Manthena
  Tamil poetry: An introduction   The study of ancient Tamil poetry encompasses understandings of sociology, ecology and cultures of particular times and spaces. The Cankam corpus (dated to the early period of the millennium) makes references to lived practices, culture and economy of societies…
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Indira Parthasarathy
‘Cilappadikaram’, which means, ‘the story centering around the anklet’ (an ornament worn by young Tamil girls before they are married, as vouched for by the Sangam poems), is an unusual and unconventional literary work, as it could be aptly described as both a play and an epic.     The title of…
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