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मुश्ताक खान
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Anushka Rose
  Anushka Rose (A.R.): What is the significance of the Madais of Bastar? Brijlal Mandavi (B.M.): The historical significance of the Bastar mela (or pen Madai) for the adivasis can be traced to the Raj Madai of Jagdalpur. The Raj Madai, (previously organized by kings), marks the beginning of various…
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Arunopol Seal & Anushka Rose
Introduction Unlike the other Madais of Bastar, the one at Geedam is significant. Madai at Geedam marks the culmination of pen (ancestral gods) Madais across Bastar and marks the beginning of ama (mango) Madai—i.e., celebration of the mango season. Geedam Madai and the Dantewada Madai were started…
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