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Simran Agarwal
The story of the overnight demolition of the Farah Bakhsh Bagh in Ahmadnagar is a fine example of the importance of astrology, astronomy and iconography in landscape planning in sixteenth-century India. We look at these intersecting themes in the context of medieval gardens across the world. (Photo…
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B.N. Goswamy
The Nizams of Hyderabad were wealthy rulers who owned precious jewels and commissioned numerous paintings. From collar necklaces to table-cut diamonds, pearls and emeralds, these jewels shed light on the affluence of Nizams such as Mir Qamruddin Khan and Mir Mahbub Ali Khan. Prof B.N. Goswamy sheds…
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Aprameya Manthena
  Introduction and history   The Vijayanagara empire ruled the majority of the South Indian region (including parts of modern-day Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana and Tamil Nadu) from the thirteenth to the early sixteenth centuries. Some scholars have interpreted their rule as cosmopolitan—assimilating…
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Jayaram Poduval
When you look at Ellora in the context of Indian cave temple architecture, it is very significant since it is a kind of culmination—the zenith of cave architecture in India. As we know, cave architecture in India began with the Lomas Rishi cave in Bihar. Then you have all the activity in western…
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Rajesh Kumar Singh
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  On the origins of rock-cut architecture in India   The Elephanta Caves are a unique monument. Various people formed different opinions on them, especially in the initial years, and many foreign travellers have visited India just to view these caves. Visitors were often surprised by the nature of…
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Fass, Virginia. 1986. The Forts of India. Calcutta: Rupa & Co.   Gordon, S. 1979. ‘Forts and Social Control in the Maratha State’. Modern Asian Studies 13.1:1–17.   Markel, S. 1994. ‘Once the Capital of India: The Great Fort of Daulatabad. Orientations 25.2:47–52.   Mate, M.S. 1983. Daulatabad…
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Dipanjan Mazumder
  In one of the finest illustrations in the Padshahnama, the Mughal miniaturist Murar masterfully depicts the fortress of Daulatabad. The rich tapestry of colours captures on the faces of the Mughal besiegers the expression of both awe and determination that the uphill fortress rising…
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