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Linet Sebastian
The Kurichiya and Kuruma communities have extensive knowledge about paddy cultivation. Cheruvayal Raman, a native of Mananthavady in Wayanad and a member of the Kurichiya community, is an authority on paddy cultivation. He is the custodian of 53 varieties of paddy seeds that were traditionally used…
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Linet Sebastian
  The daivappura (abode of God) is central to the spiritual life of the Kurichiya and Kuruma communities, and its significance extends beyond the spiritual to the social. It is a powerful force in maintaining decorum and law and order in Kurichiya and Kuruma settlements, and its presence enforces…
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Linet Sebastian
  An overview of Wayanad   Wayanad, a district of Kerala, is well known for its beautiful landscapes and sizeable tribal population. Located in the Western Ghats, the district is often called the 'Green Paradise of Kerala', owing to a total forest coverage of 37 per cent (Census 2011),…
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Linet Sebastian
India is home to multitudes of indigenous ethnic communities across various states. The indigenous people of India are not a homogenous entity; they unveil pluralities in all walks of life. Their knowledge systems have a lasting appeal beyond the rational realm. Tribal knowledge systems are a…
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