Cultural History

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Kesavan Veluthat
Professor Muttayil Govindamenon Sankara Narayanan (b. 1932), better known as M.G.S., has been a major cultural presence in Kerala for more than six decades. Educated in the University of Madras from where he earned a master’s degree in History with a first in first, M.G.S. taught in the Zamorin’s…
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Ruchita Belapurkar
Dr R.S. Morwanchikar is an historian from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He has studied the history of Paithan extensively and has published several books. In this video, he talks about the evolution of Paithan from the 2nd xentury BCE till the 18th century CE and its importance as a weaving centre and…
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Menka Singh
Burke, Peter. Varieties if Cultural History. New York: Cornell University Press Ithaca, 1997.   Chakravarti, Uma. 'Women, men and beasts: The Jataka as Popular Tradition.' Studies in History 9, no. 1: 43–70.   Cotterell, Arthur. Myths & Legends. London: Marshall Editions, 2000.   Hartog,…
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