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S Natesh
Long before environmentalism became a buzzword, 363 members of Rajasthan’s Bishnoi community, led by the fearless Amrita Devi, sacrificed their lives to save the Khejri tree. Sahapedia trains the spotlight on the significance of the Khejarli Massacre and how it inspired another environmental…
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Bobby Luthra SInha
This module explores the extensive work on conserving wildlife and natural heritage undertaken by the Bishnoi community of western Rajasthan. The module will acquaint readers with the cultural symbols and ethos of the Bishnois, who remain keenly ritualistic and aware of the need to protect the…
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Soubhagya Pai
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Barnamala Roy
  Ornamental or aquarium fish cultivation, starting out as a pastime, has evolved into a successful aqua-industry. The aquarium fish-keepers, who form the backbone of this industry, have given it the status of the world’s second most popular hobby after photography.        According to Mahapatra,…
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