Communist Party of India

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Prof. Basu talks about the social understanding of caste as an agency and institution of social divisions in the colonial times as well as in the post-colonial state.
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Suchetana Banerjee (Sahapedia): Samik Da, thank you for agreeing to talk to us about IPTA. I would start by asking, why was Indian People’s Theatre Association formed?   Samik Bandyopadhyay:  It is a very interesting critical point, juncture at which the IPTA emerged along with the Progressive…
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Suchetana – Sir, Thank you for agreeing to give an interview on PWA. I would like to begin by asking how and when did Progressive Writers Movement start because the movement gave birth to the association. Anisur Rahman – Yes. I think the story is rather long in the sense that you will have to go…
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One of the most important front organizations of the Communist Party of India created for specific professional groups was, the All-India Progressive Writers’ Association (AIPWA). The Progressives were attempting to analyze literature socially and introduce scientific rationalism. They were trying…
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