Bharat Bhavan

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यु: जनगण तुम जो चित्र बनाते हो, तो उसकी शुरूआत कैसे की?   ज: हमारे गाँव में एक सयाना था (झाड़फूंक करने वाले वृद्ध), वह मिट्टी से दीवारों पर कला-कृतियाँ बनाता था, उससे सीखा, साथ ही हमारे पिता के बड़े भाई का लड़का भी चित्रा बनाता था उसे देखता था। मैंने चित्र बनाना किसी से सीखा नहीं—बस देख-देख कर बनाने…
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Himanshu Burte
In his famous essay, ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’, published in the 1930s, Walter Benjamin makes a passing, but profound, comment about our experience of architecture. Benjamin suggests that, as with film, the work of architecture is usually experienced collectively in a…
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Anurag Mazumdar
    Correa’s Contribution to New and Small Towns For many architects, considerations of urban design occur piecemeal, an afterthought once the buildings are in place, the landscaping is done and the roads leading to it are in order. However Charles Correa—the man who swore never to design a glass…
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