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Roshini Muralidhara
Srinivas is a professor of anthropology at the University of California, Davis. Her research focusses on urban cultures, social memory, utopias and religion, among other things. She has received various grants, fellowships and awards throughout her research career, like the Rockefeller Humanities…
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Roshini Muralidhara
Festivals are an integral part of the cultural landscape of any place. They share an intimate relationship with the city in which they are celebrated, the people living in the city, and the geographical context of the place. The process of celebration of the innumerable festivals across India…
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Simran Agarwal and Abhinav Gupta
Much like the role of a library, a museum’s responsibility is to make heritage a part of our lives. And to that end, the development of digital curation for cultural pursuits cannot be ignored anymore. Here’s a pick of lesser-known museums that have a virtual presence, enabling us to enrich our…
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Sindhuri Aparna
Planning your leisure schedule with your family? Our list of some of India’s most interesting museums is just the thing for you. (Photo courtesy: A museum is called an ajayab ghar in Hindi, meaning a house of curiosities, and that’s exactly what it offers. Even if classroom…
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Narayani Gupta
Mirza Ismail was disapproving of the British’s improvement of Indian cities and towns, and greatly advocated for the need for gardens and parks. As part of the series ‘Reading a City’, Sahapedia explores Ismail’s thoughts on town-planning and his conflicts with bureaucracy. (Photo Courtesy:…
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Perumal Venkatesan
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