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Manan Kapoor
From heritage packaging museums to those that give insight into the ‘fire and rescue’ legacy of India—we look at some offbeat museums in India that turn banal objects into artefacts. (Courtesy:   From a museum that has more than 150 cycles to one chronicling the history of…
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Vishal Pratap Singh Deo and Yashaswini Chandra
The joint efforts of two friends from Rajasthan, Komal Kothari, the oral historian, and Vijaydan Detha, the storyteller, formed, arguably, one of the greatest intellectual partnerships of post-Independence India. It was this partnership that found fruition as the Rupayan Sansthan, an institution…
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Vishal Pratap Singh Deo
Komal Kothari, along with his friend Vijaydan Detha, founded the Rupayan Sansthan, after painstakingly putting together an enormous archive of audio-video recordings of folk traditions from Rajasthan. By offering a more local perspective on social groups, Kothari offered a history from below and…
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