Animal husbandry

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Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan
The practice of capturing wild Asian elephants and then taming and training them for work originated approximately 4000 years ago. Originally used as war elephants on battlefields, they came to be used extensively as draught animals in the logging of forests, in timber yards, in clearing land for…
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Dr Syam K. Venugopal and Dr V. Sunil Kumar
India is home to more than 50 per cent of the free-range Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) population and about 20 per cent of the captive elephant population. As elephants came to be tamed for various purposes, extensive records also had to be developed regarding their management and treatment in…
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Dr P.S. Easa
Dr P.S. Easa (PS): On the future of captive elephants in Kerala O.P. Kaler (OP): I have verified each and every captive elephant in Kerala. Actually, when I joined, nobody knew how many captive elephants were there in Kerala. The record stated there were 702 captive elephants in Kerala. That was an…
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Joystu Dutta
The rebellious sands are subdued and the inhospitable soils are colonized. The dreary scene of dry districts is changed to that of green belts. The bleak tree less landscapes is painted with splashes of brown, green and yellow. The monotony is broken for the traveller and the sheep and goats munch…
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Abhinav Mehta
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