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Rahul Kumar
Critically informed writing about comics, an endeavour with a long but often marginal history in the scholarly world, has flourished over the past two decades as never before. The rise of comic book studies is connected to the increased status and awareness of comics as an expressive medium and as…
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Rahul Kumar
Hindi comic books, at one point, were a major part of the popular print culture in India. From large bookstores in metropolitan cities to roadside bookstalls in small towns, their presence was ubiquitous. But comic books as cultural artefacts have never been taken seriously. They do not enjoy the…
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Noorunnida M.
Children’s literature, as a category, is often relegated to the position of ‘minor’ literature in the literary canon. The narratives and voices of children are conventionally thought of as ‘immature’ or ‘innocent’. As an extension of this perspective, the roles and motives of children’s magazines…
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