Sikh Sites in Rajgir

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Published on: 26 April 2018

Annalisa Mansukhani

Annalisa Mansukhani is doing an MA at Nalanda University.

Known for its natural springs, Rajgir was said to have initially had 22 hot springs, fuelled by the high sulphur content in the region. As both weather and water were incredibly hot during summer, the residents of Rajgir desperate searched for some respite. The tale of Sikh faith in Rajgir is woven around Guru Nanak's arrival in the town, when on pilgrimage. His first stop was the town's central attraction, the Brahma Kund, and upon interacting with the residents, he was earnestly requested to do something about the hot water everywhere. It is said he calmly pointed at one of the 22 hot springs, declaring that the water there would now flow cold. Ever since then the water at the Guru Nanak Sheetal Kund has flowed cold, and while Rajgir does not host even a modest Sikh population, the up-and-coming gurudwara gets a steady flow of worshippers who pass through Rajgir on their way to other towns.