Ainee Farooqui

Ainee is pursuing M.Phil in Modern Indian History from University of Delhi. Her research deals with school history textbooks produced after Independence. She is attempting to study textbooks as devices of publicity, performative nationalism, and pedagogy.

This module aims to capture the rich diversity of the wedding songs in the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh. It attempts to understand the struggles and experiences of mirasins. Mirasin is a social group who are traditionally involved with singing of songs on occasions such as wedding, birth, and other life cycle rituals. The word - Mirasins - is derived from an Arabic word ‘Miras’ which means heritage and Mirasi refers to the keepers of this heritage. This module contains the following elements - a documentation of the wide variety of wedding songs, an overview article, a video documentation of the performances of mirasins and their interview, a video providing a glimpse into a wedding ceremony with mirasins performing, and quick facts.