Indraprastha College for Women

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Published on: 08 March 2018

The story of Delhi's first women’s college (1924–)—its metamorphosis from a school into a college, shift from a haveli in old Delhi to Alipur House in Civil Lines (once the residence of the Commander-in-Chief), and active involvement in the nationalist and women’s movement—unfolds through conversations with the Principal, the authors of Women, Education and Politics: The Women's Movement and Delhi's Indraprastha College (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2005), and faculty associated with the College Archives.


We acknowledge with gratitude the support extended by Indraprastha College throughout, for sharing the images and text from the Museum and Archives Learning Resource Centre on which the timeline is based, and the contributions by Dr Meena Bhargava and Dr Vinita Sinha to the image gallery.