Ebenezer Sunder Singh: Photographs

in Image Gallery
Published on: 05 September 2018


M.D. Muthukumaraswamy is a Tamil writer, Director, National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai, and Consultant at Sahapedia.

'The human figure interests me;' says Ebenezer, 'In 1986 or so I remember, as a student of art, I was working on a large painting with oil and charcoal on paper. As I was striving to structure a figure, I found myself working with frenzy. I found that every nuance was being triggered by my own physical entity. This unconscious process led me to draw and paint anything and everything, keeping my body as the focus.' Enacting the mythical and the ordinary and photographing himself Ebenezer turns photography into an extension of his artistic practices. In the set of photos presented in this art gallery Ebenezer demonstrates how the mythical acquires the ironic and parodic dimensions when his own body is at the centre.