Cambridge South Asian Archive

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Published on: 03 July 2018

Kevin Greenbank

Kevin Greenback completed a PhD in history, writing a thesis on the introduction of apartheid in Cape Town in 1998. Since finishing his degree he has worked as the Administrator and Archivist at the Centre of South Asian Studies. The Centre is a resource for scholars from across the University who study South and Southeast Asia. It has a library of approximately 40,000 volumes and a large and diverse archive comprising papers, photographs, films and oral history. Much of his work is on the digital presentation and preservation of archive material - in particular film and audio, of which the Centre has a large collection - on which he also writes and conducts research.

This module explores the Cambridge South Asian Archive, which was set up in Cambridge in association with the South Asian Studies programme in 1964. This archive houses an extensive collection of private papers, archival photos, videos and oral history recordings, making it indispensable to those who are interested in conducting research on colonial South Asia. Dr Kevin Greenbank, Administrator and Archivist at the Cambridge South Asian Archive, documents the history of this archive, shedding light on its archival richness and giving us glimpses of the collection.