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Richa Bhavanam
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  Amba Prasad Patala belongs to a long lineage of Yakshagana artists. With his father Patala Venkataramana’s support and guidance, Amba started out as a Yakshagana artiste and soon achieved eminence as a female role player.         Manorama B.N. : I thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.…
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Introduction by Dr Manorama B. N.   Mantapa is a popular name among the female role players in Yakshagana. He has performed on 1000 stages as a female impersonator. He did many commendable experiments in Yakshagana. Mantapa fulfilled the dream of Shatavadhani R. Ganesh by successfully conducting…
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Induja Awasthi writes about the tradition of performing Ramayana on stage and the styles of Ramlila performed in different parts of the country.
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The article introduces briefly with all the various elements that come together and form the puppet play of Yakshagana on stage.
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Review of K. Shivram Karanth's Hindi study, Yakshagana (Delhi: Radhakrishna Prakashan, 1973)
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K. Shivram Karnath outlines the history of Yakshagana and its structure, discusses the role of metre and ragas, the significance of the spoken word and of costume and make-up, and remarks on the state of the form at the time of writing, with mention of his own interventions.
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