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Devakumar Thenchery
  Dr Babu Mundekkad is a folklore expert from Kerala. His doctoral research was on the life, culture and education of the Kallatta Kurup community and the ritual art of kalamezhuthu pattu (a kind of floor painting practised in Kerala).   Devakumar Thenchery: India has a rich visual arts tradition.…
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Devakumar Thenchery
The first ritual of kalamezhuthu pattu is uchapaatt, which evokes the presence of the deity inside the paattumandapam. Thottam has two segments: the first is about other deities and second about the particular deity to which the ritual is dedicated (here, it is Vettakkorumakan). 
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Devakumar Thenchery
Kalamezhuthu Pattu is a mode of worship and a ritualistic art form unique to Kerala. Also known as kalam pattu or simply, pattu, it involves creating the form of favourite deities on the floor, singing songs in their praise, and finally, erasing the drawings through ritualistic dance steps.…
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