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Priya Sarukkai Chabria
  The rapture of translating into contemporary English the sacred songs of 8th-century girl mystic Andal is narrated as a passionate enquiry into the unfolding wonders and complexities of an earlier artistic and equally rigorous tradition—that of Sangam (2nd century BCE—4th century CE) Tamil…
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The article is a study of wall paintings found in the Hafeshvara Mahadeva Temple, Baroda district, that are scenes from the legends of Vishnu, Krishna and the Rasa dance.
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Dr Utpala Desai
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Dr Utpala Desai
Introduction Raas, popularly known as dandiya raas is one of the most popular folk dances of Gujarat. Associated with agricultural activities, it can be termed as occupational dancing of farmers.  Dandiya raas takes its name from dandiya, a pair of wooden sticks, used to mark time. It is performed…
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Suvajit Halder
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