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Ashwini Jain
Tulunadu, the Tulu-speaking region geographically marked as coastal Karnataka, close to the Western Ghats of India, has several cultural practices dating back to the fifth century. Among these practices, bhoota kola (spirit worship) or bhootaradhane is the perhaps the most well known. It is…
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Ashwini Jain
His blog, Sidilu (sidilu.blogspotcom), which elaborates hand-picked aspects of Tulunadu has a focused and interactive audience. Tulunadu has a diverse culture; its built heritage includes guttumanes (homes), which are over 300 distinct physical structures around coastal Karnataka. These homes…
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Ashwini Jain
The ancient administrative system of Tulunadu played the role of fostering the holistic identity of the Tulu-speaking region of Karnataka expanding from Dakshina Kannada to parts of Kasargod in Kerala. The administrative system, though not politically relevant anymore, plays a key role in its…
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Ashwini Jain
There are over 300 architecturally, culturally and religiously distinct homes across Tulunadu (coastal Karnataka ranging from Dakshina Kannada to Kasargod in Kerala) that stand as physical representations of Tulu culture. These homes, known as guttumane, emerged in the region around the fifth…
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