Tribal Communities

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SR Abbiramy
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Tarini Manchanda
Khiamniungan is one of the major Naga tribes, inhabiting the Tuensang and Noklak districts and the adjoining areas of Myanmar. Khiamniungan literally translates to source of great waters. Farming is one of the primary occupations of the people of this region. The Khiamniungan tribals, who…
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Linet Sebastian
India is home to multitudes of indigenous ethnic communities across various states. The indigenous people of India are not a homogenous entity; they unveil pluralities in all walks of life. Their knowledge systems have a lasting appeal beyond the rational realm. Tribal knowledge systems are a…
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Azeez Tharuvana
Wayanad, in Kerala, is often described as the ‘valley of heaven’. Situated around 2,500–2,700 feet above sea level, it is a rich reserve of rare biodiversity. A mountain range of considerable significance in the Western Ghats, it has an area of 2132 sq. km, of which 37.07% is covered in forests.…
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