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Monisha Dhamodaran
Bidri is a metal inlay art that developed in Bidar, Karnataka, in the 14th century CE. It was the joint efforts of Abdul-bin-Kaiser, an artisan from Iran, and local Bidari artisans that gave birth to this art form. Bidri metalwork gained precedence in the region under the aegis of Sultan Ahmed Shah…
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Monisha Dhamodaran
  The rich art of Bidar, bidri, is a legacy that has been carried forward for more than 400 years. With each passing year, bidri has undergone several changes at all levels of production. While some of the craft traditions have undergone massive change, or over a period, been erased from history…
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Vijay Madhukar Gawai, Bidri mastercraftsman, speaks on the genealogy of the metal craft, the complex crafting process, and the recent status of Bidriware with changing patronage, new themes and motifs, as well as the demand for authentic 'traditional' Bidriware.
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