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Photographs Sunrise, Assi Ghat, Varanasi Naksha or design process: Naseem Ahmad at work Graphed pattern for making jala, Shahjahan Ansari's workshop, Varanasi  Digitally produced design, Shahjahan Ansari's workshop, Varanasi  Pattern drawn on mica sheet, Naseem Ahmad's workshop, Varanasi Aziz ul…
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A characteristic feature of the traditional brocades of Varanasi is the use of gold or silver zari along with coloured silks to create various motifs. The zari used for weaving is of a special kind and has been produced in Varanasi for centuries.
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The use of gold and silver zari is a characteristic feature of the brocades of Varanasi. Shyam Sunder Jaiswal of Vishwanath Prasad Zari Manufacturers, Varanasi, talks about the history, techniques and usage of zari (traditional gold and silver thread) in brocade weaving.
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