Sanskrit Theatre

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K.N. Panikkar writes about Mohiniyattam, its historical background and references in other art forms.
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The article is a study of Kuttambalam, the permanent theatre building for the classical Sanskrit dramatic tradition of Kerala, Kutiyattam.
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Clifford R. Jones writes about the ritualistic performance of Sanskrit drama in temple theatres, with reference to the restoration of Vatakkunnathan Temple in Kerala.
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  Sudha Gopalakrishnan: Prof. Shulman, it has been a great privilege for me to ask you about your experiences with Kutiyattam. You have been coming to Kerala for the last six years to understand, to experience Kutiyattam. What made you come and fall so much in love with kutiyattam?   David Shulman…
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Sudha Gopalakrishnan
In terms of international theatrical history, Kutiyattam (also transliterated as Koodiyattam and Kudiyattam; കൂടിയാട്ടം in Malayalam), the Sanskrit theatre of Kerala, can perhaps claim the greatest antiquity. Kutiyattam is a form of theatre that originated in an ancient past, dating back about two…
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