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Bhavana Pankaj
For many, the characters in the Ramayana are essentially straightforward. Rama is the hero, Sita is the heroine and Ravana is the villain. However, those familiar with Hindu mythology would know there is nothing simple or linear about such epics. Here, we explore the different narratives that…
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Ravana, a staunch devotee of Shiva, is said to have expressed his devotion through music. Ravanahatha was his instrument of choice, which literally translates to, ‘Ravana’s Hand.’ This video is a brief introduction to Ravana's instrument.
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My name is Rathva Haribhai Maansinghbhai, from village Malaja, Chhota Udepur Taluka. I stay in Taloda fadiya. We are family of seven or eight people, four brothers and two sisters. We are a team of around 10 lakhara who do painting. We have learnt painting from our ancestors, in a generational…
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An excerpt from Hinduism: A Way of Life and a Mode of Thought by Usha Choudhuri and Indra Nath Choudhuri. To buy visit amazon.in or amazon.com For more information visit Niyogi Books
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