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Lokesh Ohri
  Sustenance and Identity of an Art Form in the Valley of Dehra Dun   India is a country of kaleidoscopic contrasts. Over a billion people inhabit the diverse region. Yet, there is a common instinct that binds people in India, it is an instinct found in the philosophy, music, arts and tradition.…
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Richard Schechner writes about the Ramlila tradition of Ramnagar, the narrative and theatrical structure, and the environment where it is performed.
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Induja Awasthi writes about the tradition of performing Ramayana on stage and the styles of Ramlila performed in different parts of the country.
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Moushumee Jha
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Urna Mukherjee
  Introduction   Bishnupur, a municipal town in the modern day Bankura district in West Bengal, was a centre of music, art, and architecture for hundreds of years. Among other things, the town is well-known for its terracotta temples, extensively embellished with carved and moulded terracotta…
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Robert Palmer Goldman
Social Vision and Historical Perspective in the Mahābhārata and the Vālmīkirāmāyaṇa India’s age-old fascination with its two great and ancient epic tales of love and war and of the descent of the Godhead in human form to right the evils of the world and to restore the ascendancy of dharma,…
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