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Matthieu Salpeteur
In Gujarat, the Rabari community was, as in Rajasthan, primarily specialized in camel breeding and herding. However, with the introduction of oil-based engines and the subsequent revolution in transportation, people have switched to breeding other animals, particularly sheep and goats, small…
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Hanoz H.R. Patel
Introduction   The Rabari community is a nomadic pastoral community indigenous to north-west India, particularly modern-day Gujarat. Traditionally, the Rabari kept camels but in recent times they maintain flocks of sheep and goats as well. Tradition traces their origins to the Himalayas, as the…
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Hanoz H.R. Patel
'Just like small kids create toys from clay and break them after playing with it, our lives are similar— we create our homes daily, and break them daily, to migrate towards grassland,' is how Rabari Jesang Bhai describes their daily life in an interview. This module also includes articles,…
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Yashaswini Chandra
Photo by DHEERAJ PAUL   PHOTOS BY DHEERAJ PAUL AND DINESH KHANNA   ‘. . . O, sweet [bird] Kurjan You are like my sister Lower your wings And come close to me Allow me to write my grievances on your wings And my greetings on your beak. Hasten, sweet bird Go to my dear one.’ (excerpt from the folk…
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