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Manidipa Singha
  Qawwali, as a Sufi musical tradition, has traveled through time and has seen significant changes in terms of space and structure. In the Indian subcontinent four major Sufi Tariqas (orders) have formed a strong base, these are: Chistiya, Qadiriya, Suhrawardiyya and Naqshbandiya. Amongst these…
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Avishek Ghosh
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Avishek Ghosh
  ‘Being a pilgrim at Ajmer Sharif Will bear the same fruit as visiting Mecca At the Dargah (mausoleum) of our beloved Khwaja O naive soul, keep chanting the name of Allah’   The lines above are translated and quoted from a Bengali qawwali song released in 2004 in the album Bharat Tirtha sung by…
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Avishek Ghosh
  Avishek Ghosh: Welcome Naser bhai. We are eagerly waiting to hear about your experiences with qawwali music of Bengal. Since when did your journey begin?   Naser Jhankar: I started my journey with qawwali about thirty five years ago.   AG: From whom did you get your inspiration and taleem (…
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