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Navina Lamba
India has hundreds of weaver communities such as the Julaha, Ansari and the Kashmiri Kani weavers who have kept the weaving traditions alive for centuries. Here, we look at some of the dedicated weaver communities of India, whose lives are intertwined in the very patterns they create. (Photo…
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Krittika Narula: Welcome to the exhibition 'All about Ajrakh'. It is an honour to have you here, and we are all excited.  You have had a long association with the crafts and we would love to hear from you how your journey started and about your association with ajrakh. Jasleen Dhamija:  Lovely to…
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Mushtak Khan:  लोतिका-दी, हमारे भारत में बहुत तरह के textile traditions है, लेकिन अजरख के बारे में लोग बहुत ज्यादा नहीं जानते, तो यह अजरख है क्या? (We have a great variety of textile traditions in India, but Ajrakh is one about which people don't know very much, so could you tell us what it is?)  …
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