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Shruti Chakraborty
Many among us know about roza as an essential practice among Muslims during Ramzan (also called Ramadan). Did you know there are many other rituals that are followed as well? This ranges from e'tikaaf (a form of seclusion) to taraweeh (a special prayer at the end of the day).    (Photo Source: Ayan…
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Bellie Gowder Jayaprakash
Badagas are one of the indigenous tribal communities of the Nilgiri hills in southern India. They have their own language called Badaga (Badagu), and unique customs, rituals, traditions and culture. Among their main rituals are those relating to the wedding ceremony, which is comparatively simple…
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In this conversation, the priest Mobed Firouzgary offers interpretation of some portions of the Avesta and elaborates on the various themes and subjects of Zoroastrian prayers.
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