Navasandhi Kauthuvam

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Lakshmi Viswanathan
A QUARTET WHO MADE HISTORY 'Sangeetham' always denoted both music and dance. The two grew in tandem enriching each other. A king’s command became the genesis of a rejuvenated art form. Tulaja II (1763 -1787) a king of the Maratha dynasty of Tanjavur, invited Mahadeva Annavi a dance expert from…
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Rama Kausalya: We have with us natyacharya, Herambanathan who belongs to a traditional family of musicians in Tanjavur. Herambanathan: Namaskaram!   R.K.: Namaskaram…Tell us about you and your family. H.: The relation between my family and that of the Nalvar family goes back for the last three…
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