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The article is a study of the style and different depictions of the dance sculptures adorning the walls of the temples and pagodas in Pagan, Myanmar.
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The article is a study of Kuttambalam, the permanent theatre building for the classical Sanskrit dramatic tradition of Kerala, Kutiyattam.
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Kapila Vatsyayan writes about the different styles and poses of the dance sculptures adorning the walls of the Shiva temple, part of the 10th century Prambanan Temple Compounds, Indonesia.
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Parul Dave Mukherji
Subuhi Jiwani: When did the first critical writing on the visual arts appear in India?     Parul Dave-Mukherjee: Information of this kind for pre-modern art in India is hard to come by. Besides, the visual arts as a separate category was quite alien to traditional ‘Indian’ knowledge systems. If we…
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Bharathi Ramasubban
How will the work of a modern poet named Kalidasa impress this learned assembly, which is used to the compositions of well-established poets such as Bhasa, Kaviputra and Saumillaka?[1] ———Kalidasa, Malavikagnimitram, Act 1.   Mahakavi Kalidasa, in the opening act of his first play,…
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Mini Chandran
The word ‘translate’ comes from the Latin ‘translatio’ where ‘trans’ means across and ‘latus’ means carrying; the word thus means the carrying across of meaning from one language to the other. The various Indian language words for translation do not convey this meaning. Anuvad (speak after),…
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