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Menka Singh
The Khonoma village in Nagaland, inhabited by the Angami Naga tribe, has a rich repository of oral accounts. The most fascinating among them are the myths and legends associated with this village. Many of these also have a physical manifestation in the form of associated rocks and structures. This…
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Lanbilung Gonmei
Zeliangrong is a portmanteau of Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei (Ze + Liang + Rong), three cognate groups of tribes. These three groups practise a number of traditional festivals. Though the festivals are observed under different names, they have similar themes and objectives. Among the traditional…
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Yimshen Naro Jamir
When one sees the Aos, the first thing that one notices is their vibrancy. Exuberance, energy and a festive mood are expressed in their attire. Their shawls and supeti (wraparound skirt for women), studded with motifs and intricate designs, speaks of the brilliance of their aesthetic sense (Fig. 1…
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Jenpuiru Kamei
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Yimshen Naro Jamir
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Ritu Varuni
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