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In this article Hariharnivas Dwivedi writes about the Racch or the amphitheatre that was used as the space for musical and dance concerts, during the time of Raja Mansingh Tomar (1486—1516) of Gwalior.
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V. Kaladharan
  Of all the percussion instruments that form part of temple music traditions, and as an integral part of the performing arts traditions of Kerala, the mizhavu is impressive in many respects. It is the single major musical instrument for Kutiyattam, the sole extant form of ancient Sanskrit theatre…
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Sudha Gopalakrishnan
In terms of international theatrical history, Kutiyattam (also transliterated as Koodiyattam and Kudiyattam; കൂടിയാട്ടം in Malayalam), the Sanskrit theatre of Kerala, can perhaps claim the greatest antiquity. Kutiyattam is a form of theatre that originated in an ancient past, dating back about two…
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Judhajit Sarkar
Bengal is known as a land of festivities, where religious ceremonies outnumber the months in the calendar: baro maase tero parbon (‘13 festivals in just 12 months’) is a proverb every Bengali child grows up hearing. These festivals trigger interest not only because of their number and variety but…
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