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Guddu and Muniya (Rajesh Kumar and Nusrat) talk over the story of Sant Chokhamela of Maharashtra, a Dalit devotee of Vitthala.   Sahapedia is grateful to Bajaj Autos Pvt. Ltd. for the grant that made possible the production of these videos, to Gallery 1AQ for making their premises available for the…
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Review of Prof. B. R. Deodhar's book Thor Sangitkar (Bombay: Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, 1973)
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  The story of suffering and sacrifice, and the meaning of sin and redemption have penetrated the imaginations of writers across India over the centuries. Public worship, poetry pleading to share in the Saviour’s pain, narrative poems on martyrdom, and comparative theology have all been inspired by…
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Sarah Niazi
The 1930s was an exciting epoch in the history of Indian cinema. The arrival of sound had made things challenging, exhilarating and new. While older modes of film production and exhibition still held their sway, the advent of new technology put the nascent film industry in a tizzy. The Prabhat Film…
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Hrishikesh Ingle
Prabhat was a studio encapsulating regional and national cinematic imaginaries, characterized by the intersection of creative exuberance with industrial/technological advancement in pre-independence India. Its name has metaphoric significance, as it ushered in a new prabhat (dawn) in the film…
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Hrishikesh Arvikar
India was a site of contested claims by regions attempting to stake their claim in the making of a nation. However, between nationalism and nationalisation, there is a window to the cultural world, more specifically in the lives of Indian cinema, which tells the story of the making, negotiating,…
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Hrishikesh Arvikar
Prabhat (1929–53), a regional film studio, was started as a collective under the political patronage of the King of Kolhapur. In 1934, it became one of the state-of-the-art studios in Asia when it shifted to Pune. This module explores the logistical, aesthetic, ideological and spatial manoeuvres…
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