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Ritayan Mukherjee
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Joystu Dutta
Maldharis are silvipastoralists who live in the Banni grasslands of Kachchh district in the state of Gujarat. They have been custodians of the Banni grassland ecosystem, protecting and nurturing its rich biodiversity for over 450 years. The Maldhari way of life has co-evolved with the Banni…
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Joystu Dutta
The rebellious sands are subdued and the inhospitable soils are colonized. The dreary scene of dry districts is changed to that of green belts. The bleak tree less landscapes is painted with splashes of brown, green and yellow. The monotony is broken for the traveller and the sheep and goats munch…
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Joystu Dutta
Banni, the largest stretch of grassland in India, is located on the southern border of the Great Rann of Kachchh, Gujarat. A large tract of Banni converts into seasonal wetland during good monsoon years which attracts large numbers of migratory avi-fauna from different parts of the world. Banni is…
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