Malayalam film industry

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M.T. Vasudevan Nair (b.1933) popularly known as MT, is a versatile writer, who has contributed immensely to different genres of Malayalam prose, including novels, short fiction, screenplays, memoirs and essays. He is one of the most widely read Malayalam novelists with numerous all-time best-…
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V.K. Cherian
Music composer and script writer Isaac Thomas Kottukapally speaks about his experiences of working with acclaimed Malayalam film director G. Aravindan.
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C.S. Venkiteswaran
Banner Image: (from left to right) John Abraham, M. Azad, Ramachandra Babu, Kabeer Rawther, K.G. George, Suresh Babu, Unni, G.S. Panikker     The films of K.G. George continue to haunt and enchant viewers, for they deal with the most elemental of human conflicts. In the process, they portray the…
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The film director K.G. George ushered in new thematic concerns, narrative and visual styles, as well as actors and technicians into the Malayalam film industry of the 1970s. The module looks at his distinctive oeuvre with its recurring elements, preoccupations and styles of rendition against the…
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