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Daniel F. de Souza
The Goan tiatr has a rich history. It is 122 years old. It is something unique – a part of Goan culture. Tiatr has survived for 122 years and today, as the Tiatr Academy has been established by the government of Goa in the year 2009, tiatr is on [a] roll. The need for an academy was very much there…
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Dr. Kyoko Matsukawa
My association with Goa started in 1997. I finished my MA in Cultural Anthropology in Japan (my thesis was on the status of Christianity in India in the past and present). I had to decide on another topic for further fieldwork and research –- a kind of rite of passage in the discipline. I had…
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Pramod Kale
While complete assimilation and Europeanization was attempted by a few very well-placed and well connected native Christian families (who were professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and educators) and while administrators began to share the power and the prestige of the colonial elite, the…
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Dale Luis Menezes
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