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Geetha G.
    Swapnadanam (1976) Producer: Muhammed Bapu Story: Muhammed Screenplay, Dialogue: K.G. George, Pamman Cinematography: K. Ramachandra Babu Cast: Dr Mohandas, Rani Chandra, M.G. Soman, Mallika Sukumaran   Vyamoham (1977) Producer: Abhayam Movies Screenplay: K.G. George, Dr Pavithran, Rajeev Nath…
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C.S. Venkiteswaran
Banner Image: (from left to right) John Abraham, M. Azad, Ramachandra Babu, Kabeer Rawther, K.G. George, Suresh Babu, Unni, G.S. Panikker     The films of K.G. George continue to haunt and enchant viewers, for they deal with the most elemental of human conflicts. In the process, they portray the…
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