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Menka Singh
Myths and legends play an essential role in creating the history of a region. Unlike academic history, the indigenous notion of history resonates more with the idea of 'itihaas' (Thapar 2013), or that which has been. It is the belief in what happened and not the reality of the events that took…
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Menka Singh
Tsilie Sakhrie, Advisor, Khonoma Nature Conservation & Tragopan Sanctuary (KNCTS) Trust is narrating the tales of some legendary mythical heroes of Khonoma village.    (The village) Khonoma has some important sons who (were supposed to have) lived long ago. (Let me mention) a few of those…
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Menka Singh
  The song is about two lovers who wish to go atop the mountain peak Japfu. There, they want to be transformed into the brightest stars and watch over the future generations. The transliteration (by Neizo) of the song is as follows: Love take to the peak Japfu, Transforming and sitting together…
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